Vajazzle your Vagina?

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Vajazzling a vagina

Look Its Clitter!!! LMAO!!!

Im not sure how to feel about this but after finding out about the concept of vajazzling I couldnt keep a straight face for the rest of the day at the office. At times of recession this might be what will stimulate the economy and get us back on track.

Looks like its not enough to show up for a date with hair free arm pits and have a brazilian done on your carpet, now this is the latest trend, getting swarovski diamonds or cheap plastic ones forming a pattern where the delicate natural hair that adorned the upper part of the female vajayjay used to be.

male vajazzle

Proud Grandparents of a Male Vajazzler

Apparently this trend is attributed to Jennifer Love Hewitt, I want to thank you for making my boring and otherwise mundayne tuesday better. There are some reports of male vajazzlers but I will leave cnn to tackle that topic.


Jennifer Love Hewitt Vajazzle picture

Jennifer Love Vajazzling!!!!!!!

I cant get the idea out of my head that if my wife does this for me trying to do something special and it leads to sex it might end up feeling like having sex with a rock formation or even worse I could end up swallowing one of these rocks and choking. Imagine the headline quietly please.

And apparently vajazzling is only one of the current things trending out there that you can do to your catcher’s mitt:

Vajaical: A facial for your vagina (Where do the sliced cucumbers go?)

Vaginal Mints: They are not just for your mouth anymore I guess (Ladies dont use altoids because it might cause an infection lol)

Vaginal Laser Surgery: It says that it tightens things down there (woo hoo this is were our bright minds have dedicated their time on good luck with cancer)


well to all you ladies out there that are doing this congrats anything that brings more attention to your vagina has my support and vote. Happy Holidays!




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